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Traveling Trunk

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Traveling Trunk Abacus Bronze Artifacts Yo-Yo Kite Red Envelopes Drum (Rattle Drum) Gold Ingot Paper Cuts Cloisonne Playing Cards Porcelain Clay Figurine Ethnic Minority Doll New year Couplets Calligraphy Compass Zodiac Animals Fan Bejing Opera Masks Bamboo Books Terra Cotta Warriors Good Luck Knots Silk Clothing

The Confucius Institute at George Mason University is proud to present this Traveling Trunk from China to the US, a Chinese Artifact Kit. All of the items contained within the trunk have been purchased or donated from China and can provide insight into the ancient culture that they represent. This trunk includes 23 artifacts, an Additional Teaching Materials package, a ring-bound set of cards, and this Teacher’s Guide.

This trunk has been designed by licensed and experienced teachers to support the Virginia Standards of Learning for Social Studies. It is the product of a great deal of collaboration and work with our visiting teachers from Beijing Language and Culture University. We hope that you match this care and enthusiasm with the appropriate handling of the trunk.



  算盘  suàn pán

Bamboo Books

  竹书  zhú shū

Beijing Opera Masks


 京剧脸谱    jīng jù liǎn pǔ


Bronze Artifacts

  青  qīng tóng


  书法  shū fǎ

Clay Figurine

  泥人 ní rén


  景泰   jǐng tài lán


  罗盘  luó pán

Drum (Rattle Drum)

  拨浪鼓    bō làng gǔ

Ethnic Minority Doll

  少数民族娃娃   shǎo shù mín zú wá wɑ


  扇子  shàn zi

Gold Ingot

  金元宝   jīn yuán bǎo

Good Luck Knots

  中国  zhōng guó jié


  风筝  fēng zhēng

New Year Couplets

  春  chūn lián

Paper Cuts

  剪  jiǎn zhǐ

Playing Cards

  扑克  pū kè


  瓷器  cí qì

Red Envelopes

  红包  hóng bāo

Silk Clothing

  丝绸 sī chóu

Terra Cotta Warriors

  兵马俑  bīnɡ mǎ yǒnɡ

Yoyo (Diabolo)

  空竹  kōnɡ zhú

Zodiac Animals

  十二生肖 shí’ èr shēnɡ xiāo

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